When a Strata Property Needs a Janitor

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Strata Property Maintenance

Managing and maintaining strata property is a diverse challenge, many times with a lot of people to consider in the mix, like strata councils, property management companies, and concierge staff. The maintenance requirements of a strata property are usually unique to that property and require the ability to deliver a variety of services.

There are some maintenance jobs that aren’t on the list for many companies, including litter patrol, mowing lawns, pruning trees and bushes, graffiti removal, cobwebs, and windows among them. If these are jobs in need of doing, make it known and it can become part of the job.

Benefits of a Cleaning Company

The size of the property and what is required to maintain it is many times a big job. You may have tried to do it yourself, but it is tough to keep up with all that needs attention regularly. Between power washing, steam cleaning, or floor and carpet cleaning, and the equipment and experience required, the job may be just too big.

Even a single professional janitor may very well be overwhelmed by the enormity and diversity of the job. Another complication is placing yourself in the difficult managerial role of searching for and determining, who the right person is. You don’t need the extra worry about payroll, vacations, or sick days. These are the responsibility of those who hire the cleaning staff. We suggest hiring an outside company to do the comprehensive job of handling all the different aspects of strata maintenance, with the right equipment and the right people. The company you hire can manage the performance of the cleaning staff, not you.

That extra effort and skill required to clean difficult dirt from grout (inside and out) require extra elbow grease or a power washer. There are also other tools required for getting those hard-to-reach areas. A company like Cleaning4U is well equipped to handle it.

Having someone dedicated to your property during certain hours is a great security measure. If someone is there, it not only discourages vandalism, but the cleaning staff can also add checking the doors and windows to the list of “to-dos.”

Common Areas Need an Uncommon Effort to Clean

One thing that many strata properties have in common is common areas. Common areas, like entryways and lobbies, are the areas that reflect the condition of the rest of the property, so it is especially important that they look their best. Keeping this area looking clean and fresh will even help you attract quality tenants and condo owners.

It is important to keep common areas clean and clear for the residence. There are several common areas to manage, lobbies, elevators, entranceways, hallways, gyms, and more must be kept clean for the residents to use in safety.

Common areas get the most traffic in a strata property, and so need the most attention, especially during wet and snowy months. Keeping these areas clean and dry is also important for safety and liability reasons. There is more traffic here than anywhere else on your property.

How often have you judged an establishment simply based on the restroom? Is weekly cleaning enough, or should this task be performed more frequently than that? Elevators and stairways are a similar story. Grime from an unknown source, or anyone else, is repulsive to many.

Cleaning4U Can Be Your Strata Janitor

Cleaning4U is a professional cleaning company in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, East Vancouver and Burnaby. We have the staff and equipment to handle any size strata property with conscientious attention and courtesy. Call or register online for your free janitorial service walk-through and quote.

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