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What’s hiding on the surfaces throughout your home or office? Those desks, cabinets, and tables may look clean, but they’re harboring bacteria and other germs that your eyes can’t detect. As the leading cleaning company North Vancouver residents and business owners trust, Cleaning4U is on a mission to eliminate those invisible invaders.

  • We set our standards high because we understand the importance of clean living and working environments in the modern world.
  • We need to work as a team to ensure all homes and businesses are sanitary and safe.
  • Using eco-friendly cleaning solutions with pet-friendly ingredients.
  • We’re committed to making your indoor environment as sanitary as possible.

There’s something soothing about a freshly cleaned home or office. Allow us to bring that peace of mind to your environment.



When searching for reputable cleaning services, North Vancouver home and business owners have more options than ever. We continue to stand out in the market by offering fast, efficient services with a smile on our faces.

Whether we come through your office to sanitize at the end of the workday or we spend time deep cleaning your home once a week, you can count on our professional cleaners to treat your property as they would their own.

We also offer flexible scheduling to ensure our work doesn’t interfere with your family life, personal time, or productive work hours. We’re just as thorough after hours as we are in the early morning or mid-day.

We proudly serve our community because we know that cleanliness is a gift everyone deserves. Find us at the following locations:

  • Cleaning Company Vancouver
  • Cleaning Company North Vancouver
  • Cleaning Company West Vancouver
  • Cleaning Company Surrey
  • Cleaning Company Richmond
  • Cleaning Company Burnaby

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Cleaning4U offers professional janitorial services in North Vancouver and surrounding areas. We customize every service plan to match the needs of our clients. Our well-trained janitors focus on the finest details and ensure that every service is completed efficiently and safely. From basic cleaning to detailed maintenance and repairs, you can count on us to meet your needs now and in the future.

When contracting with North Vancouver cleaning services, it’s important to ask for a detailed list of tasks included in your contract. Don’t assume that a basic package will include surface sanitizing or deep cleaning to thoroughly remove all bacteria and other contaminants from your property. We offer detailed contracts to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting when you partner with Cleaning4U.


Don’t settle for cleaning services in North Vancouver that don’t respect your time and property. Our dedicated team will show up on time, finish on time, and leave your property cleaner than it was found. We’re committed to sanitizing North Vancouver and the surrounding area, and we look forward to partnering with your household or business.

  • Our cleaning company is bonded and insured.
  • Our cleaning processes are well tested and have been proven effective for many years.
  • You can count on us to only hire trustworthy crew members.
  • If we wouldn’t welcome them into our homes, we won’t send them to yours.
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