How to Remove Any Stain from Any Surface

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Accidents are just that, an accident. They can happen anywhere at any time, and it is fruitless to try and predict where a stain may occur and what substance will cause it. Here at Cleaning4U – the leading provider of deep commercial and residential cleaning – our expert cleaning services staff has seen it all when it comes to stains. Office stain removal, commercial stain removal, and deep house cleaning all come with the territory, and we are confident in our ability to remove any stain from any surface. Do you have a stubborn stain in your home or business? Below are the five most common causes of stains and how to remove them!

5 most common causes of stains and how to remove them

1. Wine Stains

Perhaps not surprisingly, wine stains are one of the most common types of stains that our professional cleaning service team deals with. Products exist to deal with wine stains – in addition to other red stains like tomato soup, marinara, punch, etc. – but most people don’t have it on hand when an accident occurs. In a pinch, the deep cleaning team at Cleaning4U will use a 1:1 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and blue dish soap to make that wine disappear.

2. Ink Stains

Ink stains are also common occurrences to our deep cleaning service team, and this is especially the case with kids in the house. White toothpaste applied to the ink mark before rubbing vigorously will do the trick on both clothes and walls. Rubbing alcohol can also help!

3. Oil and Grease Stains

Oil and grease are all over the place, staining everything they can land on. From vehicle fluids to salad dressings, getting oily spots out of clothing, carpets, and furniture can be a real pain. Try soaking up as much grease as possible with a powder – baking soda, cornstarch, and baby powder can all work once you’ve applied a powder, and dab away with cold water.

4. Grease on Kitchen Surfaces

Kitchen grease is common in every home, and if left unattended, it can create a gross fire hazard. When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, you want to start by cutting the grease. Scouring powder is ideal, but dish soap can work in a pinch. Let this sit over the grease for at least five minutes before scrubbing hard. To make it easier on yourself, consider keeping a degreasing agent under your sink so you can maintain your kitchen regularly without getting out of hand.

5. Blood Stains

Removing bloodstains requires acting quickly, as dried blood will often become permanent. White vinegar is one of the best blood removers out there. When you notice blood on carpet, clothing, or furniture, soak the stain in a 1:2 solution of white vinegar and warm water. Once it has soaked, begin dabbing with a washcloth to remove the stain.

As leaders in deep house and office cleaning, Cleaning4U has seen it all when it comes to stains. While every stain should be treated differently, it is imperative to act quickly, dab the stain instead of rubbing it, and – almost always – use cold water. If that doesn’t work, give the experts at Cleaning4U a call. Our team is always happy to help!

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