How to Clean Indoor/Outdoor Carpets

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Carpets are a surefire way to improve the aesthetic of your home’s interior and exterior by adding both style and comfort; however, deep carpet cleaning can be a real challenge for home and business owners to keep up with. Luckily, carpet cleaning services in Vancouver and professional cleaning services like Cleaning4U are here to help. Indoor/outdoor carpets are an excellent addition to nearly any space, and keeping them clean is paramount to maximizing their longevity and appeal. What follows is a guide to cleaning indoor/outdoor carpets brought to you by the best in the business – the carpet cleaning services, deep house cleaning, and deep commercial cleaning team at Cleaning4U!

How often should you clean your carpets?

At an absolute minimum, carpets should be vacuumed once/a week. Like other areas in your home, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Giving your carpets even the smallest bit of attention each week will help improve their longevity and appearance. Higher-use areas can certainly be cleaned more regularly, and any spill or stain should be cleaned immediately!

What about deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a much bigger job than most people think. Many professional cleaning services recommend tackling deep carpet cleaning at least twice a year – especially in high-use areas. Strategies for deep carpet cleaning differ between rugs and carpets, but the workload is about the same. With a removable rug, you will want to clean it on both sides. The best way to do this is by hanging it over a sturdy rail and beating each side to loosen and release any dust and dirt. Next, vacuum both sides of your rug. You can hang it back up over an outdoor railing and spray it down with a hose before applying carpet cleaner or dishwashing soap to the rug with a brush. Once you’ve applied your soap – focusing on especially dirty or stained areas – return to the hose to give it a final rinse. Leave your rug hanging up to dry – potentially in the sun and breeze to speed things up – and let it dry completely before returning it to your home or office.

The deep cleaning process for installed carpet looks a bit different as you cannot remove the carpet from its space. You should start your deep carpet cleaning by vacuuming. From there, you can spot-clean any stains, especially soiled areas, with carpet cleaner or stain remover. Many types of stains have special recommendations for the type of cleaner.

Clean Your Carpet with Vinegar Solution

For the rest of your carpet, a simple 1:3 solution of distilled white vinegar and cold water will help return your carpet to a like-new appearance. Dampen small areas to keep track of where you have cleaned. Let the solution sit on the carpet for upwards of five minutes in order to break down dirt and grime. After about five minutes, dab up the solution and dirt with a towel, ensuring you are rinsing it with clean water between dabs. Consider opening some windows or adding fans to the room to expedite the drying process.

Deep house cleaning and deep commercial cleaning is no easy task, and lucky for you, there are plenty of cleaning services to lend a hand. If you hire a professional cleaning service, why not go with the best in the business? Give the experts at Cleaning4U a call today and see how we can help with your deep cleaning needs!

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