Tips to Clean Hardwood Floors

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As the leading cleaning company in Vancouver, the experts at Cleaning4U have seen it all and can rely on their wealth of experience to not only address your residential cleaning needs but to also provide tips and techniques for you to take ownership over house and floor cleaning yourself. Time and time again, our clients request hardwood floor cleaning services when scheduling their residential cleaning appointment. Our experts are, of course, always happy to help, but by following these hardwood floor cleaning tips you can stay ahead of the curve and keep your floor looking almost new without the added help of professionals.

Act Fast on Spills

One thing all residential cleaning professionals will tell you – regardless of surface – is to act fast following a spill. This is especially true of hardwood floors, as they are porous and any spill can seep into the wood resulting in warps and stains. Even something as small as an ice cube sliding under the fridge can cause a water mark or damage, so act accordingly!

Be Extra Vigilant with Sticky Debris

If your spill happens to be something sticky or especially damaging, be sure to use the right type of cleaner with a damp washcloth. There are countless “all purpose” cleaners on the market, but you should exclusively be using wood floor cleaning solution for your floors. Aggressively scrub your sticky debris or stain with the cloth and cleaner – always working with the grain – and rinse with a damp but not wet washcloth.

Avoid Vacuuming when you Can

Some professionals have no problem vacuuming a wooden floor, but this Vancouver cleaning company suggests that you avoid it whenever possible. While perhaps a little more work, sweeping your wood floor with a soft bristled broom – angled to work the corners – is the safest way to go about your cleaning. Vacuums can cause a lot of damage and scratching from the wheels and beater bar, and to us it is not worth the risk. Even with vacuums that have a hardwood floor setting, many homeowners will forget to set it and then are forced to live with the consequences.

Don’t Overdo the Mopping

Hardwood floors are porous and, as such, can be easy victims to water damage. When mopping, your mop head should barely be wet at all. Some homeowners will opt to use a damp rag instead of a mop to have better control over the amount of moisture they are allowing on their floor. If you choose to use a cleaner, be sure it is specifically designed for hardwood floors and go over your floor with a clean, damp mop upon completion.

Hiring a cleaning company in Vancouver is an easy and affordable way to eliminate many household chores. However, if you want to take full ownership over your residential cleaning, the experts at Cleaning4U will just encourage you to do it right! The above tips are great for hardwood floors, and our experienced team is full of countless other techniques for the rest of your home – though nothing is as good as leaving it to the pros. Give our team a call today to request a quote or built your ideal home cleaning schedule.

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