How to Protect Your Child From Household Cleaners and Chemicals

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A home should be a safe escape and respite from the outside world, but the truth is that even in the coziest abodes, risks and dangers abound. As the leading cleaning services provider in Vancouver, the professional cleaning services experts at Cleaning4U are well-trained to identify risky situations when they see them. Of particular concern – at least to our team of experts in charge of deep house cleaning services – are children and the potential access they may have to dangerous household cleaners and chemicals. If you have kids in the home and are concerned about keeping them safe from chemicals, consider the below tips brought to you by the cleaning services experts at Cleaning4U.

Cleaning Tips for Child Safety

Safety Latches

Many homeowners store these chemicals under the sink or in an accessible closet for easy use, but our Vancouver cleaning services team will tell you that that isn’t enough. If you choose to store these items in a cabinet, make sure you purchase and install childproof safety latches to ensure that they are inaccessible to children.

Keep Products in Original Packaging

Transferring cleaning products to smaller or more space-effective containers may seem smart and efficient, but this is a surefire way to get your little ones in trouble. Avoid transferring chemicals into old food or beverage containers, and your children will be less likely to confuse them for a different product.

Keep Watch on your Cleaning Supplies

If you do not hire deep house cleaning services and instead prefer to tackle these projects on your own, keep a watchful eye on your cleaning supplies when they are in use. Bottles and buckets can be tempting for children to play with; all it takes is one curious move to create a potential emergency.

Store Laundry and Dishwasher Solution Out of Sight

These two types of cleaning supplies, in particular, seem to cause more strife than any others. Bright colours, nice smells, and funny-shaped bottles can be attractive to little ones. Pods, in particular, are alluring and would be easy for a small child to put in their mouth. Eliminate these risks from the equation by simply storing laundry and dish soap far out of sight and reach of your children.

As the leading provider of deep house cleaning services in Vancouver, the cleaning services team at Cleaning4U takes our job and our client’s safety very seriously. If you are still unsure how to childproof your home in regard to household cleaners and chemicals, give our team a call. We are always happy to provide advice and help our clients make their homes safer and more comfortable for even their littlest residents!

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