How to Keep your Flooring Clean in High Traffic Areas

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Keeping your space clean and tidy is no easy task, as there is a seemingly never-ending list of tasks to tackle. Whether you enjoy deep cleaning or not, there is no denying that deep house cleaning and office cleaning are a chore. Lucky for you, deep commercial cleaning businesses like Cleaning4U exist to make your life that much easier. High-traffic areas, in particular, are nearly impossible to keep up with in the absence of a professional cleaning service. Our cleaning services crew at Cleaning4U considers foyers, lobbies, entryways, and the most commonly used hallways in a building as high-traffic areas, and we have been doing this work long enough to know just what it takes to keep this flooring clean. If you like the challenge of deep cleaning and maintenance, continue reading about how our professional cleaning service team manages this on our end.

Clean Often

The best way to ensure your high-traffic areas remain clean is to, well, clean them often. This may seem obvious, but nearly every professional cleaning service in Vancouver will recommend it because we have all seen what happens when you don’t. You will clean your high-traffic entrances and lobbies in a perfect world every few hours. In a more realistic world, once each day – and oftentimes once every few days. With decades of experience in the cleaning industry, however, we can confidently say that the more often you clean your high-traffic areas, the nicer they will be.

Utilize Rugs and Mats

Simply adding rugs and mats to your high-traffic areas will reduce the deep house cleaning and office cleaning you will need to conduct. Mats catch a lot of dirt and grime that can otherwise migrate to other parts of your building. Further, they will protect against the common scuffs and scratches caused by snow, dirt, rocks, and other materials brought in from outside doors. Capturing these messy contributors will save you or your deep cleaning service hours, if not days, of washing and scrubbing.

Schedule Deep Cleaning at least Once Each Year

While rugs and regular cleaning will help keep high-traffic areas clean in the immediate moment, you should plan on a scheduled deep cleaning at least once each year. These targeted cleanings will help maintain the longevity and condition of your floors, restore them to a “like-new” appearance, and add immeasurable value to your space. For the best deep cleaning results, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Whether you want to tackle all of your high-traffic area cleaning needs on your own and are looking for some advice, or you are ready to hire the best professional cleaning service in Vancouver to tackle these tasks for you, Cleaning4U is just one call away. Reach out today and speak to our trained professionals to learn more about cleaning and maintaining your building’s most highly trafficked areas.

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