Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

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Allergies affect people in all types of ways, and no matter how they impact you they are always a drag. Runny noses, puffy eyes, sneezing and coughing – none of these symptoms are any fun. Thankfully there is something you can do about it. As cleaning professionals, the experts at Cleaning4U know how far a little regular cleaning can go in terms of allergen mitigation. If you cannot invest in regular cleaning by professionals or a maid service, below are some cleaning tips that are guaranteed to make things a bit more enjoyable for the allergy sufferers in your life.

Dust and Vacuum on a Weekly Basis

Dust is a major contributor to allergies, and you can do your part to mitigate dust-borne allergens through regular cleaning, dusting, and carpet cleaning. Microfiber cloths are the best to dust with. They’ll actually collect particles instead of just moving them around, as is the case with standard rags or brushes. Vacuuming should also be done once each week, as carpets trap dust perhaps more than any other surface. In addition to vacuuming weekly, consider a more thorough carpet cleaning once every year as well.

Don’t Forget the Hard to Reach Places

It is easy to remember to clean the in-your-face places of your home, but don’t forget the forgettable spots as well. Places like curtains, drapes, blinds, behind the refrigerator, or on top of fan blades can collect dust and pet dander as well. These spots won’t be as bad as others, but you should make a schedule and try to reach them at least once each month.

Wash Bedding Once a Week

While your bed may feel like a sanctuary – as it should – it is also a trap for many allergens. Human and pet hair, dander, dust, and pollen from your clothes can all get trapped in your bedding and be major irritants for those that are allergic. Washing your bedding with fragrance-free/hypoallergenic detergent once each week can help mitigate allergen buildup and will surely help you sleep better at night!

Minimize Bathroom Moisture

For those with mould allergies, keeping tabs on your bathroom moisture is a must. Mould spores can easily travel from your bathroom to elsewhere in your home, yet these are easy to manage. Simply wiping down damp walls or floors after showers, running your venting fan, and leaving your shower curtain open to promote airflow can do wonders. Just like dusting, you should also periodically check the hard-to-reach places, like behind your toilet, to clean up any moisture and mould buildup.

Regular cleaning can be a real chore, but it is imperative if you or someone in your home has allergies. Beyond taking allergy medication, keeping a clean home is essential when it comes to managing irritants. Cleaning4U is here to help do just that. From scheduled maid service to one-off deep cleans, the experts at Cleaning4U are always eager to work with our clients to create a cleaning plan that suits your specific needs!

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