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There is No Need to Use Toxic Chemicals to Get Things Clean and Germ-Free

Hazardous substances have become a regular part of our home cleaning process. There are probably few homes that don’t have a cupboard filled with toxic chemicals in the form of sprays and cleaning liquids.

These chemicals pollute indoor air and can harm your health. There is another way to clean and disinfect with non-toxic alternatives. Cleaning4U believes that creating a safe environment for you and your family should not require harmful chemicals.

Here are 10 ways to clean your home without the need for products using toxic chemicals.

10 Tips for Chemical-Free Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning without the use of toxic chemicals, requires you to know two things, what you should use and how you should use them. Certain non-toxic, eco-friendly substances also have effective cleaning and bacteria-killing properties.

What to use:

  • Lemon: This citrus is nature’s cleaning solution. In addition to being a natural deodorizer, due to their high acidic content, they are a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial as well.
  • Baking Soda: Baking soda is another one of nature’s cleaners. A great grease cutter, baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate is mildly alkaline and a gentle abrasive, deodorizing as it cleans.
  • White Vinegar: A weak acetic acid, white vinegar has strong antibacterial properties and can be used for nearly all cleaning situations in the home. Diluted in water, white vinegar is an effective stain remover. Combined with lemon, white vinegar is a natural deodorizer.

The 10 Tips:

  1. Cleaning Your Microwave: Microwaves are grease and grime collectors. Put a slice of lemon in a glass of water and heat it until it boils. Let it sit for a minute or so, then easily wipe off the grease and grime.
  2. Grease Stains: You can actually scribble over your grease stain with a piece of chalk, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it down with a wet cloth.
  3. Burnt Food in a Pan: Burnt stuck-on food in the bottom of a pan can be easily removed by filling the bottom of the pan with water, adding a glass of vinegar, boil, and adding baking soda. Cleaning becomes a breeze.
  4. Mattress Cleaning: To regularly give your mattresses a good cleaning, combine a 1:3 mixture of vodka and water, spray the mattress, and wipe it down. This will kill bacteria and disinfect your mattress.
  5. Carpet Stains: Use a 1:2 mixture of vinegar and water to wipe down the stain, saturating it with the mixture. Then cover with a wet cloth and iron over it for one minute. You may need to repeat, but ultimately it should completely lift the stain.
  6. Clean Your Sink: There is nothing like citrus to make your sink shine. Use either lemon or grapefruit. Cut them in half and sprinkle on some salt. Use this to wipe down your sink. Let it sit, then rinse. This method makes it shine.
  7. Lime Deposits: Commonly, calcium carbonate or limescale will build up on pipes, and faucets. This is another great use for lemon. Simply wipe them down with lemon juice and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Done.
  8. Cutting Boards: For thorough cleaning and disinfection, rub in half of a lemon, sprinkle on some coarse salt, and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Then use the other half of the lemon, scrub the surface again. Then rinse with warm water.
  9. Laundry: Using baking soda, added to your load, will soften your clothes and remove unpleasant odours.
  10. Dishwasher Safe: Placing a bowl of 2 cups of white vinegar on the top rack and letting your washer run without dishes

For eco-friendly cleaning services in Vancouver, Cleaning4U is the smart choice.

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