7 Areas in your House you Always Forget to Clean

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7 Areas in your House you Always Forget to Clean

If you do not hire residential cleaning services, professional cleaning services, or deep house cleaning services in Vancouver, the chances are that your home isn’t as clean as it could be! While the expert cleaning services team at Cleaning4U would always recommend regularly hiring a professional, we understand that simply isn’t a reality for all households. As such, our team also enjoys empowering people to take on cleaning responsibilities themselves. Next time you tackle a big deep cleaning project in your home without the help of Vancouver cleaning services, make sure not to forget these seven areas that often do not get the attention they deserve.


The inside of trashcans gets gross, yet people often forget to clean them because they are associated with – well – trash. When our deep house cleaning services team takes over a job, we are often surprised at how dirty the inside of trashcans can get. This mostly reflects how easy they are to forget to clean!

Inside Appliances

It is easy to remember to wipe down and clean the outside of appliances, yet the interior is often neglected. People frequently associate dishwashers, laundry machines, and driers as cleaning appliances; thus, they must be clean. In fact, all appliances benefit from an occasional deep clean to help them to continue functioning properly.

Walls and Baseboards

Walls and baseboards gather a lot of dust, grime, and oil. However, because it is hard to tell when they are dirty and difficult to clean, this area of the home often gets left abandoned. Next time you conduct a thorough cleaning of your home, don’t shy away from examining and cleaning your walls and baseboards.

Light Switches and Door Handles

Similarly, it is easy to overlook light switches and door handles when tackling the bigger ticket items in your home. However, these items are some of the most used touch points and thus often hold more germs than many other places in a home. If anything, light switches and door handles should be cleaned more frequently than the rest of the house.

Indoor Plants

Another one you may not think of is house plants actually gather quite a bit of dust. You don’t need to clean them often, but you should keep an eye on any indoor plants for dirt, dust, and grime building up on their leaves. We’re sure they would if they could thank you for cleaning them on occasion!

Shower Head

Anything related to water in the home should be cleaned regularly, as these items can be a breeding ground for mould and moisture, which can cause greater problems in the immediate vicinity and beyond. As one example, the cleaning services experts at Cleaning4U have noticed that shower heads are often forgotten during a bathroom deep clean.

Vacuums and Cleaning Tools

Like the inside of appliances, many folks don’t think to clean vacuums and other cleaning tools. However, if you want your tools to do the best job possible, keeping them clean is essential and should be a regular component of your cleaning routine.

As the leading provider of deep house cleaning services in Vancouver, the team at Cleaning4U has seen it all. With decades of experience, our team has recognized the above seven areas as commonly forgotten when cleaning a house. Next time your home needs a deep clean, don’t forget these seven overlooked spots. And if that seems too much work, give the experts at Cleaning4U a call. We love nothing more than making our clients’ homes shine like new!

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