7 Holiday House Cleaning Tips

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Cleaning4U, and the Holiday House

How can you fit in cleaning your house for the holidays? Between all the festivities, the shopping, planning meals, and family visits, it’s not easy. Planning ahead is easier. The best idea is to hire Cleaning4U. That way, you can focus on your long list, and maybe even enjoy yourself, and your family.

The next best idea is to take it on yourself by starting early and taking one room at a time. Do thorough cleaning so that once the holidays are here, all you need to do are simple tasks and touch-ups. If you get help from other members of the family, it will be a lot less overwhelming. You can focus on what kind of house guests you are having. If you’re expecting guests for an extended stay, then you should focus on guest rooms, bathrooms, and laundry. For dinner guests, again– bathrooms, but for this situation focus on your front entrance, kitchen and sitting room. They are more likely to get noticed. Holiday décor, like wreaths, candles, and a fire in the fireplace, become more important.

Essentially, you should prioritize so that the holidays don’t become simply additional stress. This is about having a good time and enjoying the people you’re with.

The 7 Holiday Tips for Keeping it Clean

  1. START WITH DECLUTTERING: It is only common sense that a cluttered house is harder to clean. Plus, you have holiday decorations to consider. Too much stuff actually reduces the magic and splendour. Take one room at a time and simplify.
  2. THE STAGING ROOM: This is a catch-all room. This can also be well organized but not for the purpose of showing it off. Once you remove something from a room, who knows, maybe you’ll simply want to get rid of it rather than put it back. Whether you use this room for gifts, for wrapping, or simply for a place to put everything that detracts from the holiday décor, it’s nice to have one. You might want a lock on that door.
  3. MAKE SURE YOUR FLOORS ARE CLEAN: This is by far the most noticeable way to prepare quickly for guests. This has the same effect as a made bed has on a bedroom. Nothing looks cleaner than freshly vacuumed carpets or a freshly mopped floor. Even hardwood floors are okay to mop in most homes.
  4. A TOILET READY FOR GUESTS: Holiday food means holiday trips to the bathroom. Your guests will feel at home if you have spent time cleaning the commode and placing scented candles in your bathrooms. Even if someone is stuck in the bathroom, they can still keep a holiday spirit.
  5. MESSY DECORATIONS: From glitter to garlands, there is a lot to keep track of. If there aren’t needles on the floor, there are any number of new dust collectors. There are always hand vacuums.
  6. QUICK SMELL SAVERS: The holidays are no time for strange smells. Try some quick remedies like brewing coffee, lighting scented candles, or for pet smells– an enzyme cleaner, you can always open some windows ahead of time, as long as your guests don’t freeze when they arrive.
  7. WET WIPE ALL SURFACES: Yes, we said “wet” wipe, even upholstered furniture. Use your favourite cleaner and just make sure to wring out your cloth before wiping, then follow it with a dry cloth. Doing this regularly keeps odours from setting in. While you’re at it, wipe down all surfaces.

We hope these tips help. If you run out of time, contact us. We’ll help you get ready for the holidays.

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